Election Administration

Year-round Election Administration is a top priority for the Colorado nonprofit community.  Colorado Common Cause and the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable have been leading the effort since 2009 and have led many successful efforts that have removed barriers and ensured that all eligible Coloradans have the opportunity to participate in our democracy.  These efforts are comprehensive and include: monitoring, legal strategy, legislative strategy and both proactive and response communications.  These efforts require substantial resources, but Colorado’s modern election law is one of the most inclusive and affords many options for access and participation.

2015-2016 Goals

  • Ensure the provisions of the Colorado Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act (COVAME) are fully implemented including: same-day voter registration, mail ballot deliver to all voters with good addresses, regular registration updates matched with the National Change of Address list, and robust county-based voting centers for early vote and on Election Day.
  • Successfully defeat attempts to make voting more difficult including limiting the current list of acceptable ID’s.
  • Ensure and increase agency compliance with the National Voter Registration Act Section 7 by strengthening programs via the county human service agencies.
  • Ensure maintenance of in-person voting options through the 2016 elections.
  • Monitor Secretary of State office around Election Rules

2013 Election Modernization Legislation is Working

We are proud of the 2013 Election Modernization legislation. Pew Trusts recently released this analysis and we wanted to make sure you saw it.

2013 Election Overhaul Has Yielded Greater Efficiency and a Better Experience for Citizens